Tuesday, January 11, 2005


بعد أن قضيت ثلاث ساعات صباح اليوم في القيادة من منزلي إلى العمل .. إلي منزلي مرة أخرى ثم للعمل ثانية
أدركت أن المكان الوحيد الذي أنعم فيه بقدر من الهدووء ... الانعزال ... و الاستفلالية هو هنا
خلف عجلة القيادة أقطع المسافات .. أتسلي برؤية الوجوة العابرة .. أسمع موسيقاي المفضلة عالية ...
فد ارسم أيضاُ قصصاً متخيلة
أو أئمن لدموع قد تمالكتها ساعات سابقة
( إليك سيارتي ...( تفاحة

عجيب كيف أننا أحياناُ تتملكنا أحاسيس غريبة في غير أماكنها .. كيف أشعر بالانعزال و حولي كل هذا الصخب و الوجوه المتطلعة قي شوارع القاهرة المزدحمة ! لا أعلم ؟؟ ربما لأنه يعجبني الاحساس أني في بعض الساعات لست مجبرة أن أعير أحد انتباهي


حـدوتـة said...

Don't you just LOVE driving?!

My next projct is to buy one of those mini recorders to record the things i keep talking about during the long drives. There are tons of stories there!

Maybe we should all meet in cilantro zamalek, sip chocolate and talk about writing, driving, and of course kobri 6 october lol

keep your pen alive ya didoz ;)

(nity...ta3m mekassar el donia!)

Dido's^^^ said...
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Dido's^^^ said...

Ya Mekassar El Donya Ya Rehab :)
Looks like we have a lot in common! Yalla decide when we will visit Cilantro and I am there for you.
keep your writing spirit Ya gamila ... You are doing great am checking your Blog daily

Hellme said...

Best part about 'getting lost' in thought while braving Cairo traffic is the fact that driving becomes second nature - you stop 'driving' in a sense because your body responds to the ebb and flow of start-stop traffic without needing conscious effort. To me, that is where the real seduction lays - it's like nothing else because your body is 'out of commission' while it takes you home, so your mind is left with nothing but itself to remain occupied. The thoughts that emerge are pure genuis.

hesham said...
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hesham said...

it have been now 2 years since i left every thing about egypt, and by chance i entered today here, and i read your words about the car and traffic , i remmemberd the same feeling when i was going to work from dokkie to misr elgadida passing the 6 of october bridge....
dido's say hello from me to the ZA7MA of cairo :)

Dido's^^^ said...

Ciao Hesham,
I guarantee that Egypt is more more crowded than how you left it :)
Allora cosa fai nell'Italia? Tell me more about it please
And thanks for passing by my blog
Dina ^^^

عرب كول said...

جميل جدا
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